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Channel tracking / content grouping

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We have a large site and find that the statistics we are getting would be even more useful if we could track them by different parts of the site.

Our site is fairly structured, so if could narrow statistics to a folder/branch we could better serve our readers in the different categories on our site.

We don't want to lose the overall statistics though, we want those too. We want total figures and subtotals by category.

Is there a way to do that now? If not, we like to see it added.


Thanks for posting.

This feature will be in the upgrade.

It will be called Content Grouping.

The idea is to be able to group together different products, etc.

It will not impair your ability to see the data as a whole, its a way of slicing it up differently.

Here is an in-depth discussion of Content Grouping, as we are working on the new version:



We too are very interested in this.

Are these going to be user defined groups or based on folders (or files) on our site?

Most all of our pages are governed by one "article.asp" page and we pass in a story Id to select that page from the DB. I'm hoping that I can somehow define the pages myself.

If this is the case will I define those pages here on the OT site or will it be via the code I place on my pages? Just need to plan a little ... ;)