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How to use OpenTracker to track Blog traffic (MoveableType)

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We recently started a blog at http://www.hackingspam.com/ that offers tips on how users can reduce the amount of spam that they get in their Inbox. We are in trial mode with OpenTracker evaluating it as a possible solution for tracking blog traffic and usage. Have you had customers successfully use this service to track blog visitors before?

We're using moveabletype http://www.moveabletype.org/ and much of it is css and dynamically generated. I've incorporated OT tags on the main page and some of the other pages, but what I really want to do is have the OT tag generated within posts that are new to the blog without having to manually add it.

Interested in any information, FAQ's or documents you may have written that discuss using your product for tracking blog clickstream? data. I would think this would be a huge market for you, especially since blog owners could easily tell which content is used/read the most and produce more of the same.





Thanks for the good thread subject. There are numerous webmasters using Opentracker to track blog visitors. We have not documented any conflicts when tracking blogs.

Glad to see that you are working to deal with spam. We recently began sponsoring the work of the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy http://www.isipp.com/

We have taken a look at moveabletype.org, and found a description of how to create a header which can be used to track a blog by inserting the Opentracker code into the header. Follow the instructions to create a header.

Here is a link to the page:

This is a large instruction page. The section which we are referring? you to is entitled Template Modules