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Page-wise Bounce Rate

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As per the Glossary of Bounce Rate? "Each page has its own bounce rate." I am not able to locate the page-wise or landing page?-wise bounce rate report.


You are correct. The definition states that each page has a bounce rate?. This is potentially confusing.

What is intended is that all separate bounces off of pages are added together and used to give the total bounce rate for a site.

In our bounce rate report we tell you "after how many pageviews visitors bounce from your site" and "the percentage of visitors who bounce out of your site after viewing X pages."

The bounce rate referred? to in the glossary definition would tell you, for example, "of the total number of visitors who bounced (exited) your site, 17% bounced off page http://www.example.com/FAQ.

At this time we do not offer bounce rate per individual page.