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Paied using paypall but can't recieve the confirm letter.

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I've paied using paypall yesterday,
but I can't recieve the confirmation letter.

I trying to implement old HTML code in my index file,
but it dosen't work.(the error massage is below)

Please infrom me the solution.

P.S. the error masage:

Please note that your statistics will be measured upon completion of the following steps:

You have received the email from Opentracker.net confirming your created account.

You have implemented your unique javascript code in one or more web pages. See your email or download the user guide

At least one visitor? has viewed the web page where you have implemented the javascript code.

Confused? Do not hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance.



Two separate issues;

1. PayPal: if you do not receive a confirmation from PayPal, then it is likely that your payment did not go through. To verify this, please login to your paypal account and check if you have been charged.

2. Script implementation. It appears that you have not correctly inserted the script into the source? code of your web pages. Please send us an email with your site url, and we will take a look.