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Visitor referral question

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What is the difference between 'Visitors Coming from Referring Links?' and 'Visitors Coming from Search Engines'?

Cralan Deutsch

Hi Zalo, good question, thanks for posting.
The difference is that 'visitors coming from referring links?' refers to all visitors who have followed a link to your site. This category includes all back-links, portals, directories, search engines, banners, html emails, etc. 'Visitors coming from search engines', and 'visitors who entered with search terms' is a sub-category of 'visitors coming from referring links'.

We maintain a list of search engines (http://www.opentracker.net/node/226). The list starts with Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. and has grown to hundreds. All traffic which comes from what we have registered as a search engine, is considered to be from a search engine, and hence 'visitors coming from search engines'. The idea of this sub-category is to give you an understanding of how effectively you are reaching the internet community through the existing search engines, whether your site shows up in the regular or sponsored results.

The distinction is that a visitor who entered search terms, or scrolled through a directory, made a query which led to your site. These visitors are actively seeking information which led them to you.

All other visitors followed existing inks to your site.

I hope this gives you an idea of the difference, please post again if it is not clear.