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Why such a variation from another program I am using

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I am evaluating this Open Tracker, which I do like a lot, and a free Open source? program called PHPMyVisites. I am tracking the same pages and there is a significant difference between what OT shows me and what PHPmyVisites shows me. How can I know which is right? Why would there be sucha differnece. Here is a couple examples from yesterday Sept 11 Both programs are running on Pacific time zone btw.

OT Visits Views
indexnew.html 1877 2547
indexnew2.htm 1,263 1,628
PHPMyVisites Viewed
indexnew.html 2725
indexnew2.htm 1712

Day selected (11-09-2005) Day - 7
Page views 10683 - -
Unique page views 24 - -
Highest number of pages for one visitor? 37
PHPs don't make much sense to me, esp unique page views of 24?? and over 10,000 page views Those two figures don't seem to make much sense taken together. Their stuff seems confusing, not sure how accurate it is. ANy ideas whey they discrepcny in views on those two pages, and its like that for all the pages, a big differnce. Thanks for any light you can shed.

I am hopeful OT support can chime in on this, and just why their stuff is more accurate, as I am inclined to beleive. But why? Is this other program just not know what its doing? But anybodys oopinion is welcome.


Hello Anna,

Thanks for posting, interesting topic. The answers to your questions, the process of formulating more questions, should be very useful.

None of us here have actually used PHPMyVisites, so we can't immediately tell you what the difference is.

What we can say is that the answer will come down to what is being counted, and what the technical definitions of the variables are.

For example, what is the technical definition of a unique visitor?? Opentracker only counts humans, so that if another app counts robots too, then the numbers will differ. We use first-party cookies in order to track unique visitors over long periods of time; this keeps the unique visitor numbers down.

It's also necessary to define visit duration?, etc.

We've found, on the whole, that different systems simply count different things, the true meaning of "apples and oranges" so its a question of finding a system that
a. counts things you are intersted in studying / learning about
b. presents them in a clear way

From the specific data that you present, the pageviews seem similar. The Unique page views do not seem to make sense, we agree, however, again, its a question of figuring out the definition of a 'unique page view' is in PHPMyVisites

It might be useful to post the definitions next to each othere here in this thread and use that as a starting point for any discussion.

Do you have a glossary, help notes, etc for PHPMyVisites ?