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We specialize in individual visitor clickstreams. Green puppets are LIVE.
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What are my visitors doing, to the click?

Interactive clickstream reporting is presented in real-time as people surf your site.

Explore visitors clickpaths page-by-page and click-by-click. Learn how to improve your navigation.

Clickstream monitoring technology will allow you to follow in visitor footsteps, telling you what people are thinking and how they navigate your site.

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Sep 07 13:31:49
End of session [ 4 page(s) viewed ]
 Sep 07 13:31:49
Clickstream or clickpath analysis by Opentracker
 Sep 07 13:31:32
The difference between tracking unique visitors and log analyzers
 Sep 07 13:31:17
Opentracker: What is website tracking?
 Sep 07 13:31:05
Opentracker: Bounce Rate and Click-through Rate
clicked on ad: yahoo ad - tracking hints
Sep 07 13:07:17
[28m 03s]
End of session [ 17 page(s) viewed, referred by google.com ]
 Sep 07 12:07:17
Opentracker: Improve your google ranking and pagerank
 Sep 07 12:06:42
Top lists - pages
 Sep 07 12:04:25
02m 07s
latest watched video: advanced api development
 Sep 07 12:04:19
Trends - visits
 Sep 07 11:54:34
09m 34s
Trends - Bounce rate
 Sep 07 11:54:14
Trends - forecasts
download: guide.pdf
 Sep 07 11:39:14
02m 22s
The difference between tracking unique visitors and log analyzers
search term: [ Track User Search Events ]
Visitor's profile

United States, Hopkinton (Massachusetts)
isp: At&t Worldnet Services
org_company: Emcor
zip code: 01748
area code (tel): 508

status: offline
number of visits: 3
pageviews: 7
total pages viewed: 40
last visit duration: 8m 0s
total duration: 18m 55s
first measurement: 29 Jun 10 [15:36]

operating systems: Windows XP
browser: IE 6.0
(1024 x 768)
IP address:

Individual visitor profiles

Answer exact questions about your traffic - stop guessing

  • Are visitors first-time or returning?
  • We track people who return to your site over long periods of time.
  • Each visitor is displayed with an extensive visitor profile.

Website management based on customer behavior: who's visiting and what they are doing.

Who's doing what?

We collect and aggregate the following information about your web visitors:

  • User origin data - country, city, region, company, organization, ISP, zip code, area code
  • 'Page before' data - referrer, search terms used, directory, etc.
  • Entire visit history - pages viewed, time of visit, average duration, exit activity, etc.
  • Computer information - ip address, browsers, operating systems, resolution, etc.






Referrers: search engines, search terms & keywords

Examine the engines and search terms that lead people to your site. Use "page before" to see search engine results that led to you. Track the countries & companies/ ISPs people come from.

Search information per visit

Search information per visit

When tracking your own site, clicking on the green referral links above will show you the actual "page before"- pages that referred traffic to your site.

Geo-locate your visitors and drill down

See what countries, regions and cities your visitors come from, and adjust content if necessary.

Top Geographical Locations

Top search terms / keywords

Top Search Terms will tell you the most important words used to find your site.

Top Search Terms

Top referrers & search engines

Top Referrers will tell you who your leading referrers are.


Top Referrers and Search Engines